Town of Archaic Towers

Medieval yet antiquated, romantic but peaceful, one of my favorite places in the world, located in the heart of Tuscany, Siena, on top of a hill filled with lovely sunflowers, is a town of archaic towers called San Gimignano.

I have viewed the most enchanting site. Upon entering the village I came a across tall wooden gate that lead into a valley so old fashioned and full of mystery. At some point I felt like Bell, you know, as in Princess Bell from Beauty and the Beast as she entered and made her way to the castle, don’t ask me to elaborate it’s a long story. Walking through, left me breathless and filled with astonishment, it was such a quaint town! Such beauty this place. I mean honestly, how long were those towers there? They were such preserved architectures, I guess them to be over a thousand years old!  On the inside of these towers I found souvenir shops. Here I bought intricate and hand painted Italian plates (so much cheaper to buy here than in nearby Florence), finesse wine (for my mother), and the best selling Medicea stationeries ( I seriously cannot wait to send them), I was even able to bargain 2 magnets for the price of only 3 euro!

San Gimignano is the perfect vacation spot, amo questo luogo, e sorprendente!

For one,  this place has the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted in (not exaggerating) MY WHOLE LIFE in a restaurant called II Trovatore. It was so rich in flavor, I can still taste the salami and mozzarella cheese.  Not to mention San Gimignano’s Oscar award winning ice cream for the best gelateria in the world running 5 years in a row (2005-2009) is located in the heart of the town, the very famous Gelateria di Piazza. This ice cream parlor is referred in the most important world guides and has been visited by many well-known personalities. On a more personal point of view, I must admit, that this ice- cream was the creamiest I have tried.

Secondly, it is very reasonable for those who travel in tight budgets because San Gimignano is so rich in culture and filled with beautiful scenery that you will be able to enjoy your visit and be amazed just by strolling around the town. This old city has been known for its historical churches bounded with art like the Collegiata that was consecrated by Pope Eugine III in 1148 and chiesa di Sant’ Agostino, an imposing 13th century building which is owned by the order of St. Augustine.  The town is also famous for its awe-inspiring hillside vineyards that produce grapes of the most prestigious Italian white wines called Vernaccia di San Gimignano. In the middle of the town I came across a well called Piazza della Cisterna. A tourist spot in the middle of magical-like towers where people drop coins and make wishes.  It was a thrilling experience, I just hope my wish of coming back to this city will come true!

I am in no doubt that San Gemignano is certainly the town filled with enchanting towers. To have visited the most charming and fairytale-like town was definitely the peak of my vacation. I just wish that one day I could return back together with my two younger siblings Isabella (15) and Sofia (13) and cousin Alessa. Now that would make my trip even more amazing, until that day comes, arrivederci! 



TWILIGHT: Book or Movie?

I remember first seeing the book, way back when no one knew about it. My cousin handed it out to me with the bookmark still at (if I remember correctly) page 22. It was not really her kind of read, it was no “Iliad” no ” Da Vinci Code” but I browsed through the pages and I found out something about a sexy vampire in a girls bedroom… believe me, that was all I needed. I read the book right away. What I thought of it? Nine letters, 3 vowels… B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. I have never been so hooked with a book, so into it that I wanted to become an actual vampire. Reminiscing what I call my “Vamp days” my father even bought me a Dracula statue which (until now) remains by the mirror of my bathroom.

I loved it.

The book…

Everyone I knew did.

What happened?

One popular topic that never gets old is Twilight, a story about a teenage girl (Bella Swan) who falls madly in love with a handsome, very alluring vampire (Edward Cullen) and has a seductive, overly sensual werewolf (Jacob Black) as a best friend, but can we please forget about the love triangle, lets forget about all the Edward and Jacob hubbub and who Bella is going to choose, rather lets focus on main points here, Twilight viewed in two different angles, the best-selling novel and the box-office movie. People may happen to think… out of the millions of books that were bought, and the millions of tickets that were sold, the big question normally pops out, “which is more preferable?” reading or watching?
The movie, as spectacular as it may be for others who have not read the book, in comparison to the written story, is regarded as a “pure disappointment” and an “utter disgrace” to all Twilight fans. The remarkable and astounding masterpiece of Stephanie Meyer had gone from the highest point of infinity to the bottom of the solid ground. It was rumored that “Meyer sold the story of her book to the first company that offered a significant amount of money” because the outcome of the movie was not as expected.
“The production and Team of the Twilight movie did not deliver”
When reading the book one can almost hear the whispers, can almost most feel the touches, one can feel the love Edward has for Bella. A person can understand how Edward struggles just to be near Bella and why Bella, would do anything for Edward at the same time, how Jacob is disgusted by everything. There is a build up of suspense that I absolutely, most positively, love, love!! The book is very “easy to read” Stephanie Meyer has a unique way of drawing people into being captivated as you go through reading her novel and she set up the different affinities between characters very well. Though it is about Forbidden love, it is meant to be viewed by the eyes of all ages, it is a novel that can be understood by the old, the middle aged, and the youth.

Banana Pancakes

Love is in the air, (Well not for me) but definitely its roaring alive! Happy Valentines Day!!  My mother made me and my family Banana Pancakes for Breakfast, I normally never eat in the morning because I wake up too late for school and just rush my way through the door without being able to get anything. I guess I just got used to it. Since there was no school today, (for me), I was able to eat this lovely meal my mom made! It was so cute she even got small heart shaped balloons to decorate the table, together with flowers, candies and, chocolates.. ❤ I love my mom. Hope your Valentines Day is going great and if its not,whoever you are… I’m sure you’re loved. 🙂


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My father bought two dogs called Belgian Malinois, they’re what you call “true K-9’s” the kind of dogs most people would be afraid of. I know, for a fact, that my father never really liked dogs, I guess he just got them to prove he was “cool” having such “scary-looking” animals to call his, known forever as the master. Or maybe, another reason comes to mind, that he just wanted my  shih tzu’s dead. O.o (for those that dont know) I can compare my love for my dogs to the love my mother has for me. What can I say, I’m just very attached. I guess my dad wanted to feel the same with his dogs too. My father would take them to our place in Tagaytay just to have them run freely.. I was impressed, could it be that dad actually liked dogs? Soon enough, I found out. One day, while they were running, my fathers dog got hit by a truck and died. His name was Scout, he was a boy. It was terrible, my dad was furious! It was the first time I saw him cry. I never could tell if he cried because of the death or simply because of the investment he lost… regardless, it both ends up to pain. Capital P.A.I.N. (if my dogs died I don’t know what I’d do) Rummer (the other dog) a girl, was lucky. It was just unfortunate that she lost a friend. 😐 This happened last year. Yesterday night we had a conversation about it, I found out that their names were suppose to be “Seiko” and “Rado” .. so much for “Watch”dogs.