TWILIGHT: Book or Movie?

I remember first seeing the book, way back when no one knew about it. My cousin handed it out to me with the bookmark still at (if I remember correctly) page 22. It was not really her kind of read, it was no “Iliad” no ” Da Vinci Code” but I browsed through the pages and I found out something about a sexy vampire in a girls bedroom… believe me, that was all I needed. I read the book right away. What I thought of it? Nine letters, 3 vowels… B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. I have never been so hooked with a book, so into it that I wanted to become an actual vampire. Reminiscing what I call my “Vamp days” my father even bought me a Dracula statue which (until now) remains by the mirror of my bathroom.

I loved it.

The book…

Everyone I knew did.

What happened?

One popular topic that never gets old is Twilight, a story about a teenage girl (Bella Swan) who falls madly in love with a handsome, very alluring vampire (Edward Cullen) and has a seductive, overly sensual werewolf (Jacob Black) as a best friend, but can we please forget about the love triangle, lets forget about all the Edward and Jacob hubbub and who Bella is going to choose, rather lets focus on main points here, Twilight viewed in two different angles, the best-selling novel and the box-office movie. People may happen to think… out of the millions of books that were bought, and the millions of tickets that were sold, the big question normally pops out, “which is more preferable?” reading or watching?
The movie, as spectacular as it may be for others who have not read the book, in comparison to the written story, is regarded as a “pure disappointment” and an “utter disgrace” to all Twilight fans. The remarkable and astounding masterpiece of Stephanie Meyer had gone from the highest point of infinity to the bottom of the solid ground. It was rumored that “Meyer sold the story of her book to the first company that offered a significant amount of money” because the outcome of the movie was not as expected.
“The production and Team of the Twilight movie did not deliver”
When reading the book one can almost hear the whispers, can almost most feel the touches, one can feel the love Edward has for Bella. A person can understand how Edward struggles just to be near Bella and why Bella, would do anything for Edward at the same time, how Jacob is disgusted by everything. There is a build up of suspense that I absolutely, most positively, love, love!! The book is very “easy to read” Stephanie Meyer has a unique way of drawing people into being captivated as you go through reading her novel and she set up the different affinities between characters very well. Though it is about Forbidden love, it is meant to be viewed by the eyes of all ages, it is a novel that can be understood by the old, the middle aged, and the youth.


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