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My father bought two dogs called Belgian Malinois, they’re what you call “true K-9’s” the kind of dogs most people would be afraid of. I know, for a fact, that my father never really liked dogs, I guess he just got them to prove he was “cool” having such “scary-looking” animals to call his, known forever as the master. Or maybe, another reason comes to mind, that he just wanted my  shih tzu’s dead. O.o (for those that dont know) I can compare my love for my dogs to the love my mother has for me. What can I say, I’m just very attached. I guess my dad wanted to feel the same with his dogs too. My father would take them to our place in Tagaytay just to have them run freely.. I was impressed, could it be that dad actually liked dogs? Soon enough, I found out. One day, while they were running, my fathers dog got hit by a truck and died. His name was Scout, he was a boy. It was terrible, my dad was furious! It was the first time I saw him cry. I never could tell if he cried because of the death or simply because of the investment he lost… regardless, it both ends up to pain. Capital P.A.I.N. (if my dogs died I don’t know what I’d do) Rummer (the other dog) a girl, was lucky. It was just unfortunate that she lost a friend. 😐 This happened last year. Yesterday night we had a conversation about it, I found out that their names were suppose to be “Seiko” and “Rado” .. so much for “Watch”dogs.


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